"No need for search credits when we give you Unlimited Searches!"*

How it Works

You can register your company with our Free to Use Service by ProExe Limited.

If you require either the Premium or Premium Plus subscriptions then please contact ProExe.

Our Database is checked and updated on a daily basis, so you know you will always have up to date information

Once you Register your company to use this service, your company contact will then become the companies administrator on the site, which will then give them access to add Managers and Users to your Account.

Each Search is logged as an audit trail on our database for the relevant User and company that has completed the search. You will be able to run monthly reports to show all the searches your company has completed, incase you need this information to show to an authority such as the FCA.

If a search comes back positive then the user will be shown details of the results and an email will automatically be sent to either the company admin contact or an email address or your choice.

FST News

17/10/2013 - New Pricing Structure due Nov 2013
20/02/2013 - New Look FST Website Launched
01/06/2012 - Search previous reference & amend False Positives
19/03/2012 - Detailed information available for positive finds.
16/03/2012 - Fuzzy Searching - A tolerance for wrong information.
06/02/2012 - API Interface (optional extra with Premium Plus+)
01/02/2012 - Premium Plus+ Launched with more features
18/01/2012 - ProExe FST reviewed by RWA Group
16/01/2012 - Premium Features now added: Auto Monthly Reports
16/01/2012 - Premium Features now added: Periodic Checks
16/01/2012 - Premium Launched
06/09/2011 - Auto Email on return of positive result added
02/08/2011 - ProExe FST goes live